Hello, I'm Barry Nash

On-the-Air and OTT Talent & Performance Coach

I’ve been coaching on-air news and sports talent for 40 years.

I’m passionate about the people I coach and the work they do, and I don’t think there’s ever been a time that the quality of that work mattered more.

Our firm’s coaching is experience-based and research-driven. First and foremost, always designed to coach on-air and OTT talent to communicate authentically and honestly, and to perform in a way that supports your goals for yourself and your organization.

We work effectively with people at every level, and we’re known for our ability to make recommendations that can be put to immediate use – and make an immediate difference.

If there’s a way that coaching could help better connect you with your audience, we’d love to talk with you about how we can help.

Barry Nash, Broadcasting Coach

Head Coach

Barry is the Founder and Head Coach of Barry Nash and Company, the designer and curator of TV HeadCoach™, and serves as a Principal Talent Coach for CNN, NBCUniversal Local and ESPN, as well as local news organizations in markets of all sizes throughout the country.

Every day, many millions of people around the world get their news and sports information from professionals coached by Barry Nash.
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Barry is widely recognized for his ability to work effectively with on-air talent at every level of ability and experience — from beginning talent to network anchors. Journalists he has trained are featured on every major broadcast and cable news network in America, and in prominent network positions abroad.

Barry trained as an actor and has a unique perspective and understanding of the challenge and psychology of performance. Add his deep understanding of the complexity and challenges of news delivery, and you get something truly important and special. Coaching that creates authentic and lasting change.

What Do You Want to Do Today?

Barry can help your team:

Speak authentically & powerfully

Make the most of OTT

Speak & read conversationally

Win viewers’ minds & hearts

Master live shots & standups

Move & think on their feet

Why Work With Barry?

Barry has been coaching television news and sports talent for 40 years and is the only career talent coach in the history of American television. Helping journalists communicate powerfully and effectively on-air has been his specialty since the beginning of his career. Every day journalists he has coached deliver news to many millions of people around the world.

He has a history of working effectively with network and local news journalists at every level — from beginners to the most seasoned and successful professionals. He understands the challenges unique to each individual, and journalists at every level praise his ability to share thoughts and insights they can put to immediate use. He also leads the industry in the use of technology to support coaching. He is the designer and curator of TV HeadCoach™, the only platform/app in the world designed specifically to help journalists work to their potential on-air.

Barry has long been at the forefront of the conversation about what viewers value in talent and how that changes based on platform and community — and that continues now as organizations take on the responsibility of reaching communities OTT as well as on-air. His firm is doing unique and groundbreaking research to understand and track how attitudes toward talent are evolving and how television news managers and coaches can respond to that.

Quite simply, no one has thought more deeply about what it takes for talent to connect authentically and ethically with communities on-air. 

And no one works harder at helping them do it.

Talent Feedback

Talent working with Barry and the coaches on his team tell us they leave sessions feeling smarter, excited, and more committed than ever — and many will tell you that Barry’s coaching helped them move on to even bigger and better things.​

"I recently covered George Floyd’s death and the unrest that followed here in Minneapolis, and the most consistent feedback I received was that I stayed calm and in the moment. I’d like to think most local journalists feel a deep connection with the communities we serve, but because of you, we’re able to reflect it on air."

Reporter, Top 15 Market

Learn how to win trust and inspire viewer loyalty.

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